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We provide service in Phoenix, Cottonwood and Sedona, Arizona. We can also help you anywhere in the world with these services remotely. We will initiate a secure connection via the internet so we can diagnose and fix your computer. Or walk you through it over the phone, Skype, or iChat We service Windows and Macintosh computers.

Computer Set-up

After selecting and purchasing your new computer and devices the task of computer installation can be quite complicated and technical. When performing a new computer set up it is important to configure your system with the additional devices you may have purchased such as a printer or monitor.

Computer installation most often is more involved than just plugging the power cord into the wall. Without some basic understanding of PC set up it is possible to encounter some technical difficulty.

computer system set upWith our Computer Setup Service our trained computer technician will come to you and perform a complete computer setup and ready your system for immediate use.

Whether you need a new laptop set up or a new desktop set up our technicians will take the time to install your system correctly and efficiently. 

* Unpack and setup computer, keyboard, monitor, and mouse 
* Wire/cable management and all required updates 
* Installation of hardware device's 
* Installation of software application's 
* Configuration of computer for existing internet and e-mail accounts 

Virus Removal

If your computer seems to be acting strange, executing commands on a whim, not performing normally or completely freaking out then chances are you may have a computer virus and will need to clean your system utilizing a spyware removal or virus removal service. Nichols Pc Help is a complete mobile computer service company available 24/7.

We provide on-site computer repair services, remote computer support and free pick-up/delivery when it is necessary to repair your computer in our shop. Our virus removal service and repair will remove the viruses, install an anti-virus software program and repair any operating system issues affected by the virus. all of which help protect your computer and keep it running smoothly. 

* Remove viruses, spyware, malware 
* Repair any operating system issues 
* Install antivirus software for future protection 
** Includes a computer tune-up 

Peripheral Device Setup

Examples of a peripheral device are your computer monitor, printers, image scanners, all in one printer/scanner/fax, tape drives, microphones and headphones, speakers, webcams, digital cameras and any other device you can plug in to your computer. Your new device must be configured with your computer system as well as the device software installed.

There are times when you must reinstall printer software and drivers such as when you get a new hard drive. Whether you need an all in one installation, a printer install, web camera installation or dual monitors installed we can do the job right and make sure your system operates correctly.

Our Printer and Peripheral Device Setup Service provides the unpacking and setup of your printer or other device, the installation of printer software or other device software and the complete configuration of your printer or other device to your current system. 

* Unpacking and setup of device 
* Installation of device software 
* Configuration with current system 

Computer Repair and Recovery

When selecting us to perform your computer and laptop repairs our technician will come to you, diagnose your system, make the appropriate repair or upgrade recommendations and consult with you on the necessary service and fees.

We are a 24/7, mobile computer repair company providing onsite computer repair service for home and business computer systems. So whether you need a new laptop LCD screen, replacement laptop hinge, want a laptop memory upgrade, laptop keyboard repair, data recovered, or hard drive data transfer we are here to help. 

* Data Transfer 
* Data Recovery 
* Screen Repair 
* Hinge Repair 
* Keyboard Repair 
* Memory Repair 
* Fan Repair 
* Motherboard Repair 
* Cpu Repair 
* Power Supply Repair 
* DC Jack repair 
* USB port Repair

Computer Tune-up

Clean your registry to find and fix the discrepancies that can cause PC errors. Manage the startup sequences on your computer, preventing the overload that makes your bootup slow. Customize how you maintain your machine.

You can hand-pick issues to resolve, or let us do it automatically. Eliminate program delays to increase PC startup speed. Download and manage critical updates for Windows Java, Adobe, and more. Back up your registry state automatically or create a backup whenever you want. Wipe away junk files, redundant links, invalid program shortcuts and outdated help files. Eliminate program Runtime Errors and program crashes. Get rid of Corrupted DLL file pathsPut an End to IExplorer Errors and optimize your Internet Settings with ease. Eliminate File Path Errors and "File Cannot be Found" Errors.

* System functionality check and enhancements 
* Installation of critical updates 
* Removal of unwanted software 
* User account and firewall management 
* Cleanup of all temporary files and system defragmentation 
* Start-up and shutdown optimization 

Wireless Network Setup

Our technicians are trained in wireless network setup of business and home networks, wireless laptops, wireless network devise installation and configuration as well as providing wireless network support service.

We can set up a computer to computer network, configure your wireless router setup, check your existing wireless connection, configure your router and even create a home network setup for you. So no matter what your wireless network needs are, we are here to help.

We will schedule a convenient time to come out and setup your wireless computer, install and configure your wireless internet, install and setup another wireless device and check your system to ensure your security and privacy. 

* Setup or trouble shooting of a wireless    network 
* Installation and configuration of your router    and adapter 
* Configure internet, including ISP 
* Secure your router and broadband signal;    safeguarding your personal information 
* Configuration of file and print sharing 
* Setup of wireless encryption for a secure    network