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Technology changes fast, so it is very important to have a computer service company who understands this and keeps up with the changes and is knowledgeable on current computer programs, hardware, viruses and even manufacturers. We understand that having a good computer infrastructure is key to a successful business as well as a proficient home system and having this infrastructure in place is crucial, but so is computer training. The best computer systems in the world are useless unless you and/or your staff have been trained to use them. Our team can provide you with the training you need to utilize your computer system devices and software to their fullest potential. We have a qualified and friendly staff that will come to you for your PC training which may include basic computer training, skills assessment, connecting devices or learning your installed operating system and software programs such as all Microsoft and Macintosh products. We can even teach you about web browsing basics, navigating the internet, keyboard shortcuts, email, digital photos music and anything else that you need to learn. We offer individual or group training and teach anything from computer basics for beginners to refresher courses for the advanced user. 

All Tutoring Services are $70 an hour. Call for more details: (928) 399-9101

Computer Training

computer software trainingOur computer training service is convenient since we offer onsite computer training whether it be in your home or office.

We can schedule your computer learning classes to best meet your scheduling needs. We offer computer consulting to both individuals and businesses. Our trained computer consultants will come to your home or office and assess your current computer system setup, making recommendations for utilizing currently installed programs and devices, recommend new programs or devices, or teaching you how to utilize your programs and devices to their fullest extent. If you recently upgraded your computer and do not know how to use your new Windows or Macintosh system we can teach you. If you bought a new computer and need to learn computer setup we can help. If you a running a new operating system and need group computer training for all of your employees we can do it.

* Review your current devices. 
* Recommend integration options, upgrades
* Design a solution and repair your device 
* Training on your PC 

Multimedia and Software

Multimedia/Software tutoring involves teaching people how to better use a particular software or online application. Hands on instruction on how to maximize a particular application or online tool.

Multimedia/Software tutoring customers may be young or old, complete newbies learning how to use a computer for the first time or experienced users looking to increase their skill in a specific software or web based application.

Computer TutorOur trained tutors will come to your home or office and teach you how to utilize your program to its full potential. Making you more efficient and confident in your use.

* Microsoft Office
* Adobe Photoshop
* Final Cut
* Garage Band
* iMovie
* Web Browsers
  (Explorer, Firefox, Crome etc.)
* Facebook
* YouTube
* LinkedIn
* Twitter

* And Much More...

Web Design Tutoring

web design

Learning Web Design starts from the beginning, defining how the Web and web pages work, and builds from there.

By the end of tutoring session, you will have the skills to create multi-column CSS layouts with optimized graphic files, and you will know how to get your pages up on the Web. The sessions may include one or more of the following services.

* How to create a simple web page
* How to add links and images
* Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
* All about web graphics optimization
* The site development process
* Getting your pages on the Web

We also have user friendly content management systems where we can provide professionally customized design websites with a simple interface which allows you to update and maintain the site whilst keeping the professional feel to your website, a cut above the run of the mill off the shelf packages which are currently available.